Auckland is currently in a State of Emergency. 02 02 2023.  With the weather experienced recently, we have had conversations with The Gulf Harbour Country Club, GJ Gardner Homes (our major sponsor), The Bands, The Upstairs Bar, our Suppliers and Contractors, and a number of friends in the industry who we trust for good advice about steps forward from here.

The Golf Course is very very wet and will take quite some time to dry out enough for us to hold the concert.  We just can’t have heavy trucks driving across the fairway.  Stage, Sound, Lights, Toilets, Rubbish Bins etc.   They will just rip up the ground in its current state.  And heavy vehicles breaking on the downhill slope will certainly do it considerable damage.


Add to this the fact that the weather forecast is for even more rain over the next two weeks on and off, including our set up day and concert day, so we have been given very little choice.  Postponement.
And we are postponing because everyone we have spoken to, especially the bands, wants us to still go ahead with the concert.   They are excited about playing for us all at this very unique location.

So, rather than cancel the concert, we are postponing it to November 26th 2023.   The ticket purchase link is currently closed and will reopen on the 1st July 2023.  We sincerely apolgise for any inconvenience this may have caused, but we want to ensure everyone is safe and dry and has a great day out at Summer Sounds - Live on the Green. 

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